20Twenty Business Growth & Leadership Programme

The 20Twenty Business Growth & Leadership Programme has an established track record for delivering high quality leadership and management skills and sustainable business growth in Wales.

We are the only leadership and management course in Wales to offer an optional qualification progression route from CMI Level 3 to CMI Level 7, including a Postgraduate Certificate, an Executive MBA and Chartered Manager Award. The programme is delivered by Cardiff Metropolitan University in partnership with Bangor University and subsidised by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

Success Stories

“It helped me massively and gave me a chance to go away and complete a project based on engagement and culture within the organisation. This helped us to build in some behaviours and culture that we can be proud of.“



Jake Moddocks

“A brilliant course to bring any business into the 21st century (and beyond). It featured a great mixture of industry experts, guest lecturers, peer-reviewed research, critical thinking, and networking.

Jake Moddocks / Heatforce
Sophie Williams

“Since starting the 20Twenty Programme, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I feel I have benefited from them all – both on a personal and a professional development capacity.

I have already introduced some of the techniques that we’ve practiced in the workshops into my department, and have found that the coaching sessions are a great tool for self-reflection on your current management/leadership style.”

Sophie Williams / Admiral
Ben Cottam

“The 20Twenty programme has been an exciting, challenging and personally very valuable. Having the space and opportunity to learn from experts and peers from a range of organisations and to challenge convention on questions around leadership has been vital to me in growing my own leadership skills.

These skills have been important in developing my own role and impact and the ability to develop my network through the programme has been invaluable.”

Ben Cottam / ACCA Global
Rebecca Iddon

“20Twenty enriched my experience in the workplace, the programme was a great source of learning and support for someone wanting to move their career to the next level. Offering bountiful information that was not just theoretical but offered examples of real life application I have discovered a leadership style that I didn’t know I was missing. 20Twenty re-ignited my passion for learning, and an introduction to a network of professionals that have made an impact on my career and outlook on leadership which I intend to maintain.

I completed the Postgraduate qualification. With executive coaches by your side and first class lectures and guest speakers, this programme will show you the value of theory based concepts and new ways of working.”

Rebecca Iddon / Promo Cymru